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The Future of Awakening 4

Head Dragon

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Good winds shall guide the heroes of Mir in this year of 2023. We know that in addition to the usual quality of life changes, you – just like us – are eagerly anticipating the launch of the new class, the Darkest (Warlock), scheduled for the first quarter of this year.

Let's start with her. While we are still unsure when the Warlock will be released on the Global server, we speculate, based on the Western release pattern, that it will happen at the end of February.


The Warlock

Warlock is an emissary of the King of Hell Asura. Focusing on smaller-scale fights, the Warlock promises to have a high burst potential through poisons and curses, which can quickly decimate your enemies.


Special: Asura
As a blood decree, she becomes the embodiment of Asura, the king of hell for a short time, drastically increasing the power of her Shadow Blades.


A blue flame in the shape of a ghost burns your enemy's flesh and soul.


Opens the gates of hell, tormenting and pulling enemies into the abyss.


Summon the form of a mysterious demon to destroy surrounding enemies.


Explosive Bloodflower
Those who are distracted by the beautiful blooming flowers are soon crushed by the sharp scattering petals.


Bloody Chain
Attacks multiple enemies with chains of blood and sucking their blood. A forbidden technique to steal life force.


Demons of Agui
The Black Dao Technique summons demonic beasts from the Anglerfish Hell and causes them to devour your target.


Changes the flow of the enemy's blood, causing it to rush out of their body, lowering their strength. The art of the Shadow Blade leaves them defenseless against this attack.


With the power of the Shadow Blades, which wields the power of corruption, it consumes earth and air, weakening the enemies around it.


Curses the enemy with the Mark of Destruction. Consuming their body and soul from within. An absolute curse that makes them fall apart.


Black Daotsu, which turns flesh to mist, ignoring all attacks. Enemies who inhale the mist experience confusion as if their souls are scattered.


Dragon Claw
You scratch the ground with the claws of an evil dragon, turning the earth will apart. Not a stone is left unturned.


Bloody Awakening
A forbidden technique that uses black blood to temporarily increase your power.


When will Warlock be released in Awakening 4?

While we're still unsure when she will corrupt the fields of Mir, we hope to release her in April, about two months after the Global release. Our team is already preparing everything behind the curtains so we can release her here in the shortest possible time.

Along with Warlock, all content launched on the Global servers between October 2022 and February 2023 will also be added.
For more information on everything Wemade is preparing for 2023, watch:


New Servers

We get asked a lot about the launch of new servers in the Americas and SEA. Here, we don't like to adopt the same practices as Wemade in launching multiple servers without due demand to avoid dispersing our community.

With the merge between the NA and BR servers, however, we had a significant increase in the demand – from new and old players – making the Americas 1 server overpopulated. Thus, we will launch a new Americas server at the end of January early February. The exact date is to be announced.

Why not open a SEA 2?
While we have a healthy population on the SEA server, the number of active players in the region is not enough for two servers yet.

Why merge the NA and BR servers if you knew the server would be overpopulated?
Because the NA server had an extremely low number of players, making the MMO aspect of the game non-existent.


Console and New Features

We know that alts and account trading is an inherent aspect of MIR4. Today, Awakening 4 does not have secure ways of trading between players, so trading accounts have a high risk. To prevent that, we decided to work on a marketplace to guarantee players a safe environment for players to buy and sell accounts on our server. This feature is expected to be released at the end of February.

For now, our recommendations are:

  • Only buy accounts through payment methods that allow you to contest the purchase if the seller decides to recover the account.
  • Never buy accounts that do not have an email address or that the seller refused to provide access to the email.
  • Try knowing the seller first. Ask guildmates or mutual friends about their personality before closing a deal.

Remember: Our team does not provide support for any problems originating from buying or selling accounts, so trade accounts at your own risk.


Battle Pass & Daily Packages (Taglishes)

In December, we started the internal testing of a Battle Pass/Taglish system similar to what we had on Global before its removal. These systems will also be available in February for all players.


Anti-DDoS and Stability

As you may have noticed, over the last few weeks we've made several tweaks to our anti-DDoS that have made false positives much less prominent. We'll keep working so that our anti-DDoS is less and less intrusive during your game.


We have a lot going on behind the curtains, and we are eager to share more with you soon.


May the dragons guide your way.

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