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Rules (English)

Head Dragon

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This is a MIR4 server. Avoid to deviate yourself from the topic; incorrect and/or inappropriate comments will be removed.


• Do not spam or flood discussions with consecutive separate messages of single letters, words, images, emoticons, or large blocks of text;
• Respect the official language of each server. Do not communicate in a language other than the one defined for it;
• Do not send unsolicited DMs to other draconians;
• Advertising under the objective to boost personal growth rather than contribute to our community is prohibited, and that includes RMT of any sort, specially gold selling. If you are a Content Creator and want to become a partner, contact one of our staff members.


Flaming, harassment and abuse will NOT be tolerated. Do not promote or nurture discussions that may divide our community or harm the experience of other draconians. This includes, but is not limited to, content: adulterated, condescending, defamatory, dishonest, disturbing, false, frightening, homophobic, hostile, intolerant, obscene, political, pornographic, racist, religious, sexual or sexually questionable, slanderous, threatening or xenophobic.


• Do not share private information (our team will never ask for passwords or login details), sploits or hacks, links to sites of questionable origin, third-party software or content protected by copyright laws for which you do not have legal rights.
• Do not use any thrid-party software that allows you to gain an unfair advantage over other players.
• Do not have more than three access active under the same IP.


Even if some rules are not explicitly stated, the Staff and the Moderation team have the final word. Decisions shall be based on the general principles of conduct that ultimately promote healthy communities as well as assumption that members act in good faith. Rules may be updated/amended based on future developments and feedback. Offenses that disrupt our community may result in either a a temporary mute, permanent mute, or ban - depending on the severity and repetition of the offense.

The personal opinions expressed by the Moderation Team are private and should not be taken as an official stance of the Administration.

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