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[Approved] Game Balance, Player Retention and Engagement, Server Stability and Performance:


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  1. In-game nickname: Eya
  2. What problem does your suggestion seek to solve? The problem my suggestion seeks to solve is the lack of new server updates and patches in the MMORPG game. As a player, I have noticed that the game has not received any significant updates for the past 9 months, leading to a stagnant gameplay experience and a potential decline in player engagement.

  3. How does your suggestion contribute to solving the problem? My suggestion is to propose a regular update schedule and patch releases for the game. By establishing a consistent and frequent update cycle, players will have access to new content, features, bug fixes, and balance adjustments. This will inject fresh excitement into the game, providing players with new goals to pursue and ensuring a more engaging and dynamic experience.

  4. What are the positive impacts of your suggestion?
    a. Increased player engagement: Regular updates and patches will keep players interested and motivated to continue playing the game. It will provide them with new challenges, rewards, and experiences to explore.
    b. Community revitalization: The introduction of new content can attract both existing and new players, reinvigorating the community and fostering a sense of excitement and camaraderie among players.
    c. Improved game balance and quality: Updates and patches can address any existing imbalances, bugs, or issues in the game, leading to an overall improvement in gameplay quality and fairness.

  5. What are the negative impacts of your suggestion?
    a. Development resources and time: Implementing regular updates and patches requires significant resources, including development time, testing, and deployment. This might divert resources from other areas of game development, potentially impacting the speed of feature implementation or bug fixes.
    b. Temporary disruptions: Depending on the complexity of the updates, the game servers might need to undergo maintenance or temporary downtime, affecting player availability during those periods. However, communicating such downtime in advance can help mitigate player frustration.
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