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Next Steps, QoL and Updates

Head Dragon

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We can't believe it's almost three weeks since we released Awakening 4. Around here, our team has been working tirelessly on stability, combating bots, quality of life improvements, and new content behind the scenes. We appreciate all the support, care, and patience we've seen from players around the world, and before we dive into our plans for the future of Awakening 4, we'd like to thank all the draconian who've fought with us on the battlefields since the beginning of this adventure.



Launching Awakening 4 in the West has been incredible, challenging, and a great learning experience for our team. Our journey is full of late nights, creative solutions, and data analysis and feedback. Our goal is to be transparent (sometimes brutally so) with you.

We understand that some of the changes we've made to the game to hinder bot activity, while effective, had negative impacts on your experience. We're sorry for that.


Access requirement reduction: Lv. 55/55,000 PS -> Lv. 50/40,000 PS

Accessing the market as soon as possible is essential to any player. The market is a steady and continuous source of gold, particularly for F2P players. Due to the fast-leveling process of our server, however, we cannot keep the requirement at level 40 (the default requirement) as our team would not have time to identify and ban all bots up to that level, but level 50 feels like a sweet spot for this.


Access requirement reduction for floors 1, 2 and 3

We were wrong in setting Peak's access requirement to such a level. The Peak is closely tied to systems like Codex, and especially Conquests, and by setting high requirements, we created a snowball that hindered our players on many fronts. 
In our next patch, we will change the access requirement to Peak:

  • 1F: Lv. 55 → Lv. 25
  • 2F: Lv. 65 → Lv. 45
  • 3F: Lv. 70 → Lv. 65

The other floors already have adequate levels of access.


Darksteel is possibly the most versatile and essential source for any character's progression. With the increase in leveling speed, we've observed that Darksteel gain is not compatible with the growth pace we want for our players. This way, we will increase DS gains through mining, tasks, and daily missions. These are recurring sources of DS, so by improving the rewards on these three fronts, we will create a steady, healthy growth stream for everyone.


One of the most recurring suggestions over the last three weeks was the increase in the drop of Ancient Coin, Ancient Dragon Token, Ancient Spirit Token, Ancient Dragon Skill Token, and Ancient Dragon Treasure Token. These are essential for the constitution, pets, skills, Codex, and many other systems.

Although increasing the drop rate of items in the game is a complex task, there is another way: reducing the requirements of these items in the Spacetime Shop, Bluedragon Craftsman (Bicheon Castle), and Craft Ancient Dragon Token (Arcadia Spirit Village).
This change will give players a shorter interval between essential resources such as Epic Pets and better value your time in-game.


We realized that although well-received, the reduction in the deduction of karma points was too much. In the next patch, we will adjust this deduction to more suitable numbers, in a middle ground between our server and global.


One of the most frequent requests on the forum was the reduction of name change costs. Nickname changes are, in many cases, used maliciously to evade punishments or to impersonate other players. Given the problems this would cause for our customer service team, we decided to make the price the same as in the global server (10x more expensive, since gold here is 10x cheaper). We hope you understand.


Although essential, only quality of life changes do not create a healthy environment. It is necessary to update the game constantly. While we work on the points mentioned above, part of our team is already working on our next update, which will move our server closer to the current version of the global server and give you a more familiar experience.

It is worth mentioning that our updates are based on Global server, so exclusive content from the Korean server, for example, should not be expected while they are exclusive to Korea. In addition, it's important to align expectations: Awakening 4 seeks to create a healthier MIR4 environment, with fewer bots and more opportunities for the F2P. We don't plan to change classes or systems. Think of our server as a less complicated brother of the Global one, more balanced and with fewer bots.


Much has been speculated about the balance of classes in the game. Let us reassure you: we haven't changed any class in the game. Our version is from late January when Wemade pushed the nerf on some classes too much, but that will change as we progress to the next version.

Please don't mistake this quality-of-life patch with our next update, which will introduce new content and bring our server closer to the global version. This patch goes live on October 14th, while our version update goes live 30 days after that.


We get asked a lot about new servers, and as exciting as it is to announce new servers, we want to focus on the ones we have today and build a solid foundation for the game. Of course, if demand continues to grow, especially in Brazil, we will be forced to open a new server, but that is not our focus.


We know there is a lot to unfold above, and even with explanations, you may still have questions, concerns, and feedback. Our team will continue to communicate openly with you about anything. We sincerely appreciate the enthusiasm and support we have received over these three weeks and hope to live up to your expectations.

MIR4 fans all over the world are gathering along with us, and more heroes join the fight every day. In the meantime, we are studying the numbers and getting everything ready for this next patch.

This is just the first of many changes we have planned for the game. Ensuring a healthier and more balanced environment for MIR4 has always been, and will always be, a commitment of our team.
Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to share ideas and thoughts. Without your feedback, none of this would be possible.

May the dragons guide your path.

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