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Common Questions

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Where will the servers be located?

There will be three regions:

  • US-East (UTC-4)
  • Brazil (UTC-3)
  • Singapore (UTC+8)


Will there be an IP block for regions outside this scope?



Are there plans for servers in other regions?

We have a policy that if we want to do something, we must take our time and do it right. So, at this moment, we will focus on these three servers. New servers should be added as our population grows.


Can I transfer my characters from another server to Awakening 4?

You can't.


What is the relationship between Awakening 4 and CN?

Our relationship with the CN team is mainly around the development team, which is composed of members of both teams. The administrative part, however, is completely separated.

In this way, our servers share a similar review of MIR4, the administrative part here should be more centralized and closer to the players.

It is also important to note that due to the decentralized nature of the CN server, you will notice numerous websites, chat groups, and SNS. All these are managed by top-up agents and do not represent the administration.


What will the server rates be?

  • 3x exp across the board
  • 1.8x rare items drop rate
  • 1.3x upgrade chance
  • 2x material rewards


What are the differences between Awakening 4, CN and Global?

There are many differences between Awakening 4 and MIR4 Global. The first and most important of them is that in Awakening 4 we will have a 100% NFT-free environment, something that will decrease the incidence of bots in the game and make the in-game economy healthier.

In addition, we offer a more accessible alternative than the global server, both in general rates and in gold costs, a more present and attentive staff to the needs of the community and 24/7 support. Including hammering bots.

Compared to the CN server, the biggest difference will be the response time (ping) and the way we communicate with you, in a more transparent and accessible manner.


How many clients can I run simultaneously?

We will not limit the number of clients you can open on your device, however, we will limit the number of access to three per IP/device. If you share your connection with someone that also plays MIR4: Awakening, please don't open more than one stance of the game.


Can I run the game through emulators?

No. MIR4 has several systems to block access to the game through emulators, and we will keep the same restrictions here. In case you face any problems using emulators, we won't be able to offer you any support.


Is Awakening 4 Play to Earn?

No. We will not have any P2E elements, NFTs or Tokens.


Can I share, sell or trade my account?

Yes and no. We will not prevent players from sharing, selling, or trading your accounts, however, we understand that there are risks involved in this type of transaction, so players cannot use any official means (in or outside the game) to advertise this type of transaction.

We will not support issues generated by trading or exchanging accounts, such as (but not limited to):

  • Buying accounts and the seller doesn't give you the credentials (or recover the password later);

  • Having your items sold/destroyed by someone you lent your account;


Can I sell items?

The only way to exchange items within the game is through the market. Don't believe any offer other than through the market, or you face the risk of being scammed.


How to top up?

It is not yet possible to top up. Please wait for more information about this.


What will be the price of Gold?

In general, 1/10 the price of MIR4 Global.


I'm a content creator. Are there any creator programs available?

Yup. Please visit our Discord and check the #requirements channel for more information.


Where to create accounts?



Where to download the game?



What are the system requirements?

You can check the requirements here.

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