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Poetic Nature Screenshot Contest Result

Head Dragon

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Greetings, Poets!

Our Poetic Nature contest has ended! Come on, let's take a look at the wonderful prize-winning works together.


1st Place

ID: 2000050790


We live our lives alone.
Looking for happiness in things and people,
We live our lives through problems and stones,
And when we find what we wandered for,
We fikle,
And restart the cycle.
Maybe we're fated to be alone,
Maybe we can find love,
But the search remains unchanged. Imprinted in the bone,
What if we finally find our second glove?
The one so dearly desired...
How long should we look at our reflections uninspired?
Staring the landscape, thinking wonderfully.
What if we find love?


2nd Place



Keep opening doors you might find something interesting


3rd Place

ID: 200006034


The Taoist and The Cliff

The masters take no side
lives harmonious on both sides
Taoist are seen as beauty
but they can also be deadly
with the abilities of healing
and skills for killing

Like a cliff in a valley
holds the lives of many
from plants growing
to animals roaming
one wrong slip
can be your last misstep


4th Place

ID: 2000072104


Yo no naka wa mikka minu ma no sakura

Life is a cherry blossom that changes before it turns three days


5th place

ID: 2000051235


I am a river, going down over wide stones,
going down over hard rocks,
my path drawn by the wind.

I am a river, descending with greater fury,
with greater violence,
whenever a bridge reflects me in its curves.

I am a river, a river.
A river: clear as crystal every morning.
Sometimes I am tender and kind.
I slide smoothly through fertile valleys.
I let the cattle and the gentle people
drink as much as they want.


6th Place

ID: 2000072230


Victory and defeat between teams do not end the games ever;
That is just the beginning for continuous challenges ahead;
The games continue again at another place some other time;
Games go on like exploration and creativity to see new ends!


7th Place

ID: 2000051200


Nature is so beautiful it blows our mind...

You can lose yourself in it or find yourself
at the same time...


8th Place

ID: 2000050706


May I never cease to wonder:
At the cascading crystal blue waters of the waterfall;
At each new dawn's sweet sunbursts of flesh pink magic;
At the moonlight flashing in the mirror;
At the night's stars gently vibrating;
At the jellyfish swell of oceanic dreaming;
At the sheer joy of eternal becoming.

– Dominic Windram


9th Place

ID: 2000069420


Long time no see,
I don't remember the last time I visited you.
I only know that nothing has changed since then,
I tried not to remember you after all this time,

And I did, until today.


10th Place

ID: 2000083739


When you believe
Something extraordinary occurs.
A tornado of emotions
Touches the bottom of your soul.
It breaks the walls of imagination,
Defying the pain; it opens you whole.
It is chaos
It is madness
It is...
A beautiful disaster.

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