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November Update Overview

Head Dragon

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Before reviewing what we are preparing for Awakening players, it is crucial to mention that these ARE NOT patch notes, so changes are to be expected, but the content here is a very faithful representation of what awaits you in our next update. We hope you enjoy it.

This update is expected to be released in the second week of November. More info about that soon.


Major Changes


  1. New regions will be added to the Eastern Phantasia Area and a new area ‘Sabuk’.
    - New regions ‘Bladehaven’, Rockcut Tomb’, ‘Phantasia Valley’, and ‘Rockcut Labyrinth’ will open in the eastern Phantasia Area.
    - ‘Sabuk Province’ and ‘Sabuk Castle Underground Jail’ will move to the newly added ‘Sabuk Area’ from the ‘Phantasia Area’.
    - New main Quests, Missions, and Requests will become available along with the addition of the new area.
    - ‘Gorge Cliff Path’, ‘Gorge Cave’, ‘Sabuk Labyrinth’ will be added to ‘Sabuk area’.
    - Missions and requests that can be for the new area will be added.
    - Tower of Conquest will be expanded from stage 19 to stage 21, and character level will be expanded from 150 to 170 with the addition of new area.
    - Constitution will be expanded from 15 to 17, and Inner Force will be expanded from 14 to 16 with the addition of new area.



  1. New Secondary Weapons & Accessories added:
    - Secondary Weapon (Class-specific) and Accessories (General).
    • Secondary Weapons:
      Class Secondary Weapon
      Warrior Dagger
      Sorcerer Fan
      Taoist Fly-Whisk
                    Lancer                             Hand Polearm (Short Polearm)              
      Arbalist Quiver
      - Secondary Weapon can be crafted in the Craft tab using a special crafting material known as ‘Dragon Claw’.
      - Accessories can be crafted in the Craft tab using a special crafting material known as ‘Dragon Eye’.
  • Equipment menu adjusted to accommodate the additional equipment types.
    • Equipment slots increased by 2 (from 8 to 10).
    • New equipment types will be displayed through the auto-equip pop-up.
    • Equipment Craft menu adjusted to include additional equipment types.
    • Forsaken Badge tab added to the 'Other Combination' menu.
  • New equipment material missions added for players to obtain ‘Dragon Claw’ & ‘Dragon Eye’:
    No Mission Area Acquirable Materials
                  1               Bicheon Valley 4F Uncommon Dragon Eye
    2 Bicheon Valley 4F Uncommon Dragon Claw
    3 Snake Valley 4F Uncommon Dragon Eye
    4 Snake Valley 4F               Uncommon Dragon Claw              
    5               Redmoon Valley 4F               Uncommon Dragon Eye
    6 Redmoon Valley 4F Uncommon Dragon Claw
    'Dragon Claw' & 'Dragon Eye', can be summoned through the 'Summon' tab available in the 'Shop' menu.
  1. New Dragon Artifacts added:
    - Dragon Artifacts are equipment that can be equipped additionally, separate from existing normal equipment.
    - To equip: [Menu  → Character  → Equipment  → Dragon Artifact]
    - Types: Majestic Scepter, Majestic Cape, Majestic Crown, Majestic Seal, and Majestic Tome.
    - They will be graded from Rare to Legendary and obtainable from Crafting and Clan Challenge.
    - Dragon Artifact Enhancement Stone will be required per upgrading, and Success Chance can be increased using ‘Dragon Oil of Blessing’.
    - Dragon Artifact Enchant Scroll will be required to Enchant, and both Dragonsteel and Darksteel will be spent.

    - To Enhance Dragon Artifacts, both ‘Dragon Artifact Enhancement Stone’ and Darksteel will be needed, as well as Dragonsteel.
    - Success Chance can be increased by using ‘Dragon Oil of Blessing’.
    - Enhancement of Dragon Artifacts can result in Success, Failure, and Great Failure. Upon Great Failure, the equipment will be destroyed.
    - Dragon Artifacts can be enhanced up to 7. - Visit <Palace Craftsman> Hyo Janggyoung to craft Dragon Artifact Enchant Scroll, Dragon Artifact Enhancement Stone, and Dragon Oil of Blessing items, or purchase them from Arcadia Spirit Village NPC Bunny Guru Hoppy.

  2. New stat ‘Antidemon Power’ added:
    - Antidemon Power' is a stat that influences your damage against Dark monsters.
    - Monsters in Domination server and Tower of Black Dragon will be Dark monsters.
    - New Magic stone, Spirit Treasure, and Mystical Piece will be added; all items mentioned can be obtained from Combine.



  1. New resource ‘Dragonsteel’ will be added.
    - Dragonsteel can be used in various contents, including Crafting Dragon Artifacts and Special Enchant.
    - Get Dragonsteel with Septaria from Arcadia Spirit Village NPC <Exchange Septaria> Sumacheon or purchase it from the Spacetime Shop.



  1. New Epic Spirit 'Brutal Lionheart Koiga' added:
    Passive bonus: 20 PHYS ATK

    Skill Name Skill Effect
    Natural Hunter Monster ATK DMG Boosts by 12%, Monster DMG Reduction by 12%, and ALL DMG Reduction by 10%.
         Lessons of the Wild      Hunting EXP Gain increases by 15%, and Lucky Drop Chances by 10%. Energy Gathering Time accelerates by 10%.
    Law of the Jungle After defeating an enemy, CRIT increases by 2, PHYS ATK by 2, and Spell ATK by 2 for 30 sec (Maximum 50 stacks)     

  2. New Epic Light Spirit ‘Radiance Dragon Mir’ added:
    Passive bonus: 20 PHYS DEF
    Skill Name Skill Effect
    Cintamani Stone Increases Max HP by 800, PHYS ATK by 80, Spell ATK by 80, and accelerates Energy Gathering Time by 10%.
         Harmonious Light      Increases Hunting EXP by 15%, Hunting Copper Gain by 15%, Item Drop Chance by 10%, Lucky Drop Chance by 10%.     
    Light's Benediction Upon a hit, there is a 10% chance to recover 9% of Max HP for 3 sec. (Cooldown 42 sec)

  3. New Epic Aqua Spirit ‘Dark Ice Demon Nerr’ added:
    Passive Bonus: Spell ATK +20

    Skill Name Skill Effect
    Cold Chain Increases Max HP by 1800, Max MP by 600, and Hunting Copper Gain by 15%.
    Ice Armor Increases PHYS DEF by 80, Spell DEF by 80, CRIT EVA by 100, and Skill DMG Reduction by 15%.
         Black Ice Wedge      Upon a hit, there is a 10% chance to increase EVA by 150, PHYS ATK by 300, and Spell ATK by 300 for 8 sec. Cooldown 45 sec.     
  4. New Epic Spirit ‘Verdant Watcher Gargas’ to be added into a future event:
    Passive bonus: PHYS DEF +20

    Skill Name Skill Effect
    Watcher’s Eye Increases Max MP by 1000, CRIT DMG Reduction by 40%, Monster DMG Reduction by 20%, and Boss DMG Reduction by 20%.     
         Essence of the Verdant      Increases HP Potion Effect on use by 8%, Max HP by 3%, Silence RES Boost by 40%, and reduces Skill MP Cost by 5%.
    Wings of Vitality Recovers 3% of Max HP instantly upon killing an enemy. Cool 10 sec.
  5. New Legendary Aqua Spirit 'North Sea Demon King Sumacheon' to be added into a future event:
    Passive bonus: Spell ATK +40

    Skills Skill Effect
    Eternal Glacier Increases Max HP by 1000, Max MP by 1000, PHYS DEF by 150, and Spell DEF by 50.
    Cold Shard Increases Basic ATK DMG Boost by 30%, CRIT ATK DMG Boost by 30%, and Monster ATK DMG Boost by 15%.
    Frozen Heart Increases Knockdown RES Boost by 30%, and Stun RES Boost by 30%.
         North Sea’s Chill      Decreases the enemy's Movement Spd. by 100, PHYS DEF by 450, and Spell DEF by 450 for 7 sec on attack. Cooldown 40 sec.     
    This Spirit CANNOT be obtained through Combine/Exchange/Divine Dragon's Promise. It is only available from Legendary Spirit Summon.
  6. New Legendary Spirit 'Dark Crown Prince Wooska' to be added into a future event:
    Passive bonus: PHYS DEF+ 40
    Skills Skill Effect
    Raging Blow Increases Max HP by 2,000, Max MP by 800, Bash ATK DMG Boost by 20%, and CRIT ATK DMG Boost by 20%
    Dark Wind Wing Increases Skill ATK DMG Boost by 15%, Skill DMG Reduction by 15%, and Boss DMG Reduction by 15%.
    Stomping Increases Stun Success Boost by 30% and Silence Success Boost by 30%. When gathering Energy, increase the gain by 10%.     
         Savage Oppression      Decreases the enemy's EVA by 100, CRIT EVA by 100, and All DMG Reduction by 25% for 10 sec on attack. Cooldown 50 sec.
    This Spirit CANNOT be obtained through Combine/Exchange/Divine Dragon's Promise. It is only available from Legendary Spirit Summon.
  7. New Legendary Forest Spirit ‘Alluring Spirit Cat Lulu’ added:
    Passive bonus: 40 Spell DEF

    Skills Skill Effect
    Aura of Vigor Increases Max HP by 1700, Max MP by 900, PHYS ATK by 80, and Spell ATK by 80.
         Aura of Essence      Increases Accuracy by 100, CRIT by 100, Bash ATK Reduction by 25%.
    Aura of Forest Increases Monster DMG Reduction by 15%, PVP ATK DMG Boost by 15%, Lucky Chance Drop Boost by 15%.
    Dimension Seal Increases Enemies’ MP Consumption by 20%, and decreases healing by 40%, and Skill DMG Reduction by 10% for 12s on attack.



  1. New Conquest 'Sanctuary of HYDRA' added.
    - Septaria, key materials required to refine HYDRA, will be obtainable by unlocking and upgrading ‘Sanctuary of HYDRA’ conquest.
    - The number of Septaria obtained through ‘Sanctuary of HYDRA’ will increase based on the achieved stage level of the conquest
    - Septaria can only be claimed once per day through the ‘Sanctuary of HYDRA’ and the daily Septaria reward will reset each day at 00:00 (server time).
    - Septaria must be claimed each day manually as unclaimed Septaria will no longer be available upon daily reset.

  2. New area 'Sanctuary of HYDRA' will be added.
  3. New ‘Sanctuary of HYDRA’ NPC Shops will be added.
    7e19b19ded094ed084bdc2545bcc7ecf.png a9448a6fee3e398b575024a87ad332f3.png
    <Craft Summon Badge> Aka <Exchange Septaria> Sumacheon
  4. Maximum promotion stages of all Conquest buildings will be expanded:
    - Tower of Conquest, Tower of Quintessence, Millennial Tree, Forge, Mine, Tower of Victory, Portal, Training Sanctum, Holy Shrine: Stage 17 → Stage 19
    - Sanctuary of HYDRA : Stage 10 → Stage 12



  1. A new mystery <Wedding Vow> added wit new Codex items.
  2. A new mystery <All for Naught> added wit new Codex items.


Boss Summoning

  1. New monster summoning item ‘Forsaken Badge’ added.
    - ‘Forsaken Badge’ can be crafted using ‘Forsaken Shard’ and ‘Purified Soul Stone’.
    - ‘Forsaken’s Shard’ can be obtained through drops by defeating monsters.
    - ‘Purified Soul Stone’ can be obtained through unsealing Spirit Treasure Box, Enhancement Stone Box, Treasure Box, or through Treasure Chests that drop from summoned bosses.
    - Each ‘Forsaken Badge’ has a designated summoning location which summons different boss monsters. Players can obtain ‘Dragon Claw’ and ‘Dragon Eye’ by defeating boss monsters.

  2. 4 New types of summons added to the Shop:
    - Grandeur Summon (Magic Stone/Spectrumite)
    - Opulent Summon (Spirit Treasure)
    - Specter Summon (Codex Gear/Forsaken Badge)
    - Divine Summon (Mystical Piece)

  3. New area 'Sanctuary of HYDRA' added where special monsters can be summoned.
    - <Hydrakin> Tala: Lv. 70
    - <Hydrakin> Amara: Lv. 85 
    - <Hydrakin> Yuta: Lv. 100 
    - <Hydrakin> Tremata: Lv. 130 
    - <Hydrakin> Tiamata: Lv. 160
    You can summon monsters by using Summon Badge.


World Boss

  1. New '<Demon Spider of Hell> Krukan' added:
    - 'Krukan' will appear at the 'Shackling Abaddon' accessible from Bicheon Valley 4F.

    Players may enter ‘Shackling Abaddon’ through the Portal located in Bicheon Valley 4F.
    - Spawn Time: Every Monday, 23:00 (server time).
  2. New '<Black Flame Arch Demon> Nerkan' added:
    - A sealed 'Nerkan' spawns every Tuesday, 19:00 on random servers based on the regional server times and will become defeatable at 23:00 as it gets unsealed.
    - Players may encounter it by entering 'Black Flame Abaddon' through the portal located in Redmoon Valley 4F.
    - World Boss like 'Nerkan' is a new type of boss monster that does not spawn on every server. It will spawn in random servers and an alarm message will appear in the servers the boss got spawned.
    - The spawn area 'Black Flame Abaddon' can't be entered immediately by using Fast Travel Scroll/Jump Scroll, and a maximum of 400 players can enter.
    - PK is enabled in 'Black Flame Abaddon' and there is no reduction of alignment point through PK. (Loss of EXP due to the death by PK will still occur)
    - If a character dies due to any other routes besides PK, death penalties such as loss of EXP/items and extension of resurrection cool-time will be applied.
    - A large number of Rare ~ Legendary boxes will be dropped after defeating 'Nerkan'.

  3. New '<Violet Demon God> Turkan' added:
    'Violet Demon God Turkan' spawns every Thursday, at 23:00, in random servers.
    - A sealed 'Turkan' spawns every Thursday at 19:00, and will become defeatable at 23:00 as it gets unsealed. (Players may encounter it by entering 'Violet Abaddon' through the portal located in Phantasia Valley 4F.)
    - The spawn area of World Boss 'Violet Demon God Turkan', 'Violet Abaddon', is not accessible via Fast Travel with Fast Travel Scrolls or Jump Scrolls.
    - A maximum of 450 players can enter this area. If you cannot enter the area, you will automatically be put in a queue.
    - If a character dies, death penalties such as EXP reduction, item loss and longer Resurrection Cool will be applied. (No loss of alignment points from PK.)
    - A large number of Rare to Legendary boxes will be dropped after defeating 'Violet Demon God Turkan'.


Field Boss

  1. New Field Boss ‘Rockfiend King’ added:
    Locatin: Rockcut Labyrinth 4F
    Boss Level: 151

  2. New Field Boss ‘Heavenly Asura’ added:
    Location: Phantasia Valley 4F
    Boss Level: 155




  1. New Raid 'Hidden Altar' will be added:
    Monster Level: 145
    Required Power Score: 107,000

  2. New raid ‘Sabuk Execution Ground’ added:
    Monster Level: 155
    Entry Power Score: 117,000

  3. Autostart function implemented to Raid and Boss Raid parties.
    - By enabling this function, Raids and Boss Raids will start automatically once the party becomes full.
    - You can set the system by toggling the ‘Auto Start at Max Number of Players’ button on the right side of the Raid Info screen.
    - Only the party leader can set the settings.


Boss Raid

  1. New Boss Raid ‘Deranged Hellbound Revenant’ added:
    Boss Level: 135
    Required Power Score: 90,000
  2. New Boss Raid ‘Ghostly Bogey’ added.
    - Boss Level: 150
    - Power Score Required: 113,000


Clan Expedition

  1. New Clan Expedition ‘Azure Flame Emperor’ added:
    Boss Level: 135
    Required Power Score: 73,000


Clan Challenge

  1. Clan Challenge stage 5 added:
    Challenge Details:
    - Boss: Crimson Dragon/Steelbone Spectre/Raged Nefariox King/Forsaken King/Deranged Hellbound Revenant
    - Time Limit: 30 Minutes
    - Cost Required: 12,500 Clan Funds



Heist is large-scale war contents in which the ruling clan of Bicheon Castle and their opponents compete for Darksteel in the Bicheon Castle Underground Vault. Participate in fierce battles that take place every Friday. If the Heist succeeds, you can obtain rewards.

  1. Availability
    Every Friday: 22:00 (server time)
    Duration: 60 minutes

  2. Sides
    - Defenders: The ruling clan and their allied clans (including allies in Expedition Mode)
    - Heisters: Native clans ranked in the Top 20 that are not allies of the ruling clan

  3. Rules
    I. Heisters must destroy the Iron Gate to access the Vault area.
    II. After destroying the Iron Gate, Heisters will be required to enter the of the Underground Vault and defeat the Boss.
    III. When the Boss is defeated, reward boxes will appear.
    IV. Reward boxes will be of different grades, and the rewards inside follow the grade of the box.
    V. Based on Clan Tech level, the ruling clan can adjust the abilities of the Iron Gate, Heist Devices, and Boss.
    VI. The ruling clan can consume clan resources to build Heist Devices.
    VII. Upon death, natives will be resurrected at Bicheon Castle, and Expeditions will be resurrected at the Outpost.
    VIII. The maximum amount of Darksteel available for the Heist will be equal in all servers.

  4. Participants
    400 players

  5. Result
    Heisters: Darksteel rewards can be obtained as well as individual rewards.
    Defenders: Heisted Darksteel (Darksteel obtained from reward boxes) is deducted from Bicheon Castle tax, and  if the daily received tax is insufficient, it will be carried over to the next day.



  1. New Mystiques added:
    Mystiques additionally increase your character's stats.
    - You can view them in Menu → Conquest → Mystique.
    - There are 5 Mystiques in total, and each of them can be upgraded up to Stage 10.

    Mystique Open Level
    - Mystique contents will be available for characters who have reached level 90.

    Types of Mystiques
    - Unicorn Lion Mystique
    - Vermilion Bird Mystique
    - Black Tortoise Mystique
    - White Tiger Mystique
    - Blue Dragon Mystique



  1. Spectrumite Box/Purified Soul Stone craftable:
    NPC Craft Result
                  <Craft Ancient Dragon Token> Dark Stallion Grifforse                             Rare Ancient Dragon's Spectrumite Box              
    <Craft Lucky Potion Box> Lucky Cat Luckster Rare Purified Soul Stone Box
    Blue Dragon Craftsman Rare Glittering Powder Box
    Epic Glittering Powder Box
    Rare Life Elixir Box
    Epic Life Elixir Box
    Rare Purified Soul Stone Box
    Epic Purified Soul Stone Box

    - Newly added Secondary Weapons/Earrings will become craftable.
    - Forsaken Badge will become craftable.

  2. New crafting for Epic Mystical Piece Box will be added:
    Craft NPC: <Craft Treasure> ShaoShao
    - Craftable Item: Epic Mystical Piece Box
    - Required Materials: 10 Epic Moon Shadow Stones

  3. Crafting manual for Divine Dragon's Enhancement Stone will be added.

    Item Name Crafting Materials
         Uncommon Divine Dragon’s Enhancement Stone     

    Uncommon Enhancement Stone x10

    Uncommon Divine Dragon’s Enhancement Stone Shard x10

    5,000 Darksteel

    5,000 Copper

    Rare Divine Dragon’s Enhancement Stone

    Rare Enhancement Stone x10

    Rare Divine Dragon’s Enhancement Stone Shard x10

    50,000 Darksteel

    50,000 Copper

    Epic Divine Dragon’s Enhancement Stone Epic Enhancement Stone x10

    Epic Divine Dragon’s Enhancement Stone Shard x10

    500,000 Darksteel

    500,000 Copper

    Legendary Divine Dragon’s Enhancement Stone

    Legendary Enhancement Stone x10

         Legendary Divine Dragon’s Enhancement Stone Shard x10     

    5,000,000 Darksteel

    5,000,000 Copper

    Items enlisted can be crafted from <Craftsman> Gwon Chuyong.
  4. Crafting manual for Tower of Black Dragon Entry Ticket will be added alongside the event. Same for Blue Dragon Statues.


Tower of Black Dragon & Domination Servers (TBA)



Balance & Class Adjustments


  1. Riposte
    [New] Recovers its health immediately after using the skill.
    - Tier 8: 10%
    - Tier 10: 20%
  2. Iron Shackle
    Cooldown reduction 48 sec. → 40 sec.
  3. Berserk
    Removal of amplified DMG penalty received after using the skill.
  4. Barbaric Charge
    [New] Increases its own PHYS DEF and CRIT EVA when skill is used.
    - Tier 8: PHYS DEF +150 and CRIT EVA +100 for 6 sec
    - Tier 10: PHYS DEF +300 and CRIT EVA +200 for 6 sec
  5. Lion's Roar
    Minor DMG will be dealt to enemies on the outer edge of the skill's main area of effect. Maximum damage remains the same.



  1. Thunderstorm
    Skill Rework
    Previous: Strikes enemies with thunderbolts created on random spots in the vicinity of the enemy 
    Post-Change: Strikes an enemy with thunderbolts centered around the enemy's location.
    - Maximum number of enemies hit: 8 → 10
    - Reduced the spellcasting time of the skill
    - Increased DMG on center: 260% → 292%
    - Increased DMG on the periphery: 195% → 219%

    - Modified the visual effects of the 'Thunderstorm' skill for Sorcerers.
  2. Chain Lightning
    - Maximum number of enemies hit: 6 → 7
    - Increased damage inflicted to subsequent targets hit by Chain Lightning (2nd~6th hits)
    - Increased DMG: 170%~340% → 220%~352%

  3. Flame Strike
    - Increased DMG: 180% → 230%
    - Cooldown reduction 50s → 45s

  4. Frozen Block
    The movement speed of the enemy will decrease when the Ice Shield gets created.
    Previous: Frostbite (decrease in movement speed) will be triggered to chilled enemies once Ice Shield breaks. 
    Post-Change: Frostbite (decrease in movement speed) will be triggered to chilled enemies as soon as the Ice Shield skill is casted.
    DMG inflicted to surrounding enemies upon skill cast increased and DMG inflicted to surrounding enemies at the end of the skill reduced. 
    - Maximum damage remains the same.



  1. Moonlight Orb
    - Increased DMG: 200% → 235%

    - Increased Skill Range and Area of Effect
  2. Basting Charm
    - Increased DMG: 204% → 240%

  3. Rain of Blades
    Increased Skill Range
  4. Tai Chi
    Minor DMG will be dealt to enemies on the outer edge of the skill's main area of effect.
    - Maximum damage remains the same.



  1. Sweeping Storm
    Minor DMG will be dealt to enemies on the outer edge of the skill's main area of effect.
    - Maximum damage remains the same.
  2. Dragon Tail
    Minor DMG will be dealt to enemies on the outer edge of the skill's main area of effect.
    - Maximum damage remains the same.



Collectibles, Wearables & Mounts

  1. New wearables & mounts added:
  2. ‘Brag’ feature added to Collectibles:
    - The Brag feature will be available for Collectibles with 'Limited' properties.
    - Brag your items to display them and obtain Admiration points from others who admire your item.

    - The Summoner can Brag their Collectibles to display them.
    - ‘Brag’ will be available only in village areas with no monsters. Available areas: Bicheon Castle/Arcadia Spirit Village/Spiritual Center/Sabuk Castle
    - The maximum number of brag items per character is 5. Brag is unavailable when there are more than 50 brag items in the same area.
    - When bragging, the item will appear in front of the summoner and disappear after a set amount of time.
    - The Summoner can get Admiration Points from other characters that admire their items.
    - The maximum daily limit for Admiration Point Gain is 100. Brag will still be available after the limit is reached.
    - The maximum daily limit for Admiration Point Gain will be reset at 00:00 (server time).
    - Admiration points can be viewed in Character Info and used at the Admiration Point Exchange Shop.

    - The Viewer can ‘Admire’ displayed Collectibles.
    - Characters can receive an Admiration Buff by admiring Brag items. Buffs gained from the same summoned Brag item will not overlap, while buffs gained from different summoned Brag items will overlap.
    - By admiring an item, a viewer can send up to 1 Admiration Point per day. The viewer can still admire Brag items even after 1 Admiration Point is sent.
    - The maximum daily limit for Admiration Point Sending will be reset at 00:00 (server time) every day.



  1. Class change cooldown reduced: 30min → 10min



  1. Daily Distribution Limit will be implemented on distributing Clan/Territory resources to individuals.
    - This limit accounts for the total of Clan Resource Distribution and Territory Resource Distribution.
    - The Daily Distribution Limit is calculated based on the amount before the fee is applied.
    - Daily Distribution Limit will reset every 00:00 (server time).

  2. Clan List will now show clans from all adjacent servers within the same regional group.
  3. ‘Unattackable Clan’ function added:
    - Clan members with Diplomacy permission can register or unregister clans in the 'Unattackable Clan' menu
    - Clans in other servers but in the same region can also be registered as ‘Unattackable Clans’.
    - Allied clans will be registered automatically and they will also be unregistered if the alliance gets disbanded.
  4. Territory tax income display method will be changed.
    - Previous: Real-time income
    - Post Change: Total income of the day before

  5. A confirmation alert message will now appear before registering an item in Clan Shop.
  6. Types and effects of the Mandate in Bicheon Castle will be changed:


    Cost Effect      Duration           Use Count     
    Hunting Permission      10M Darksteel     

    Hunting EXP + 10%

         Hunting Copper Gain + 10%     

    Drop Chance + 10%

    3 Hours 1
         Gathering Encouragement      4M Darksteel

    Gathering Speed + 10%

    Meditation Speed + 10%

    Lucky Drop Chance + 10%

    3 Hours 1
    Protect the Kingdom 2M Darksteel

    PVP ATK DMG Boost + 5%

    PVP DMG Reduction + 5%

    3 Hours 1
  7. Clan Shop restrictions added for new members.
  8. Added a 30-second cooldown to Request, Cancel, Approve or Decline Alliances.



  1. Auto-combat range will be automatically adjusted while proceeding with certain contents.
    - The Auto-combat range will automatically change into ‘Unlimited’ after entering certain contents, and it will come back to its initial settings that the player has set after the contents end.
    - Applicable Content: Raid, Boss Raid, Clan Expedition, Clan Challenge.

  2. Duel Restrictions adjusted:
    - A character can only participate in a duel once a set amount of time has passed after their most recent duel.
    - Duel Restriction time will be displayed on the results screen after the end of the duel



  1. The name of the 'Sanctuary' tab on the Map will be changed to 'Competition'.
    The following 3 contents are included in the Competition tab:
    - Monolith: The valley Monolith will always be marked on the map.
    - Altar of darkness: The Altar of Darkness will always be marked on the map. (Improvements to text on the Tab on the right side of the Map If summoned: "Altar of Darkness" or, if destroyed: "Altar of Darkness - Destroyed")
    - Sanctuary: The sanctuary will always be marked on the map. (Improvements to text on the Tab on the right side of the Map If built by clan: “Sanctuary” or, if not built yet: "Sanctuary - Can be Built")


Mystical Piece

  1. Equipable number of Mystical Pieces increased: 6 → 8


Magic Square

  1. Magic Square 7F added:
    - Minimum required Power Score: 105,000
    - Monster levels: 115~130

  2. Magic Square 8F added:
    -Power Score required: 112,400
    -Monster Level: 130~145


Secret Peak

  1. Secret Peak 7F added:
    - Minimum required Power Score: 108,000
    - Monster levels: 120~130

  2. Secret Peak 8F added:
    -Power Score required: 118,000
    -Monster Level: 135~145



Hidden Valley

  1. Players of or below 'Bad' in alignment will be restricted from entering any Hidden Valley.
  2. Mining level requirements will be applied as follows:
    Hidden Valley 1F 2F 3F 4F
    Bicheon Valley      Level 30 or higher      Level 35 or higher Level 40 or higher Level 45 or higher
    Snake Pit Valley Level 60 or higher      Level 65 or higher           Level 70 or higher           Level 75 or higher     
         RedMoon Valley      Level 80 or higher Level 85 or higher Level 90 or higher Level 95 or higher



  1. Scenarios in ‘A Noble Cause’ will be edited in part.
  2. Difficulty of ‘Incomparable Master’ will be adjusted.
    - Specific skill damages of ‘Immortal Whitemaur Captain’ will be adjusted. (summon-type monster in Sealed Chamber, Magic Square 4F)

  3. Difficulty of ‘Wedding Vow’ will be adjusted.
    - Required number of ‘Prison Flower’ in ‘The Traitor’s End’: 100 → 50
    - Required number of ‘Daphne Flowers’ in ‘Necessary Revenge’: 100 → 40
    - Required number of ‘Nirvana Honey‘ in ‘Match Made in Heaven’: 100 → 40
    - Required number of ‘Dreamguard Remedies’ in ‘False Accusation’: 50 → 15
    - Required number of 'Sinner Wanted Poster' (Craft material for Shaman of curse Summon Badge) in ‘False Accusation’: 5 → 3
    - Phantom Vale will always be accessible.
    - ‘Forsaken Silk’ (Craft material for Weird Beast Killer Summoning Scroll) in ‘Match Made in Heaven’: 10 → 5



  1. Confirmation screen will appear if you try to summon in the shop using Gold.
  2. You will be redirected to the Shop after clicking the ‘Recharge Vigor’ button, if you do not have any Vigor Pills in your bag.
  3. Shop Storage improved:
    - Product purchase dates will be displayed in Storage.
    - [Claim All] button will be added in Storage. All products can now be claimed at once.
  4. Multi-Quantity Checkout will be available for certain products.
  5. Summon ‘100+10’ times will added.



  1. 'Purchase History' added to the Market
    - 'Purchase History' tab will be newly added to the Market menu.
    - 'Settlement History' and 'Purchase History' will be stored for 30 days



  1. 'Combine Unidentified' feature will be added. Unidentified items can now be combined.
    - Location: (+) Menu → Craft → Combine → Combine Unidentified.
    - To use the 'Combine Identified' feature, combine 4 identical Unidentified items of the same grade.
    - The following types of Unidentified items can be Combined: Magic Stone / Spirit Treasure / Codex Gear / Mystical Piece
    - If Combine is successful, it results in 1 identical Unidentified item of one higher grade.
    - If Combine fails, it results in 1 identical Unidentified item of the same grade.
    Legendary Unidentified Codex Gear/Mystical Piece and Tradable items CANNOT be obtained through 'Combine Unidentified'.

    Mystic Incense Burner
    - Gain 1 Mystic Incense Burner point per 'Combine Unidentified' failure.
    - When 25 Mystic Incense Burner points are accumulated, the points can be consumed to obtain 1 Unidentified item of the same grade as the 'Combine Unidentified' tries.



  1. Just as internal injuries can be recovered using Gold instead of speed-ups, players can spend Gold to complete more content if there are not enough speed-ups:
    - Unsealing: Unsealing sealed box
    - Conquest: Promoting Conquests

  2. UI of Speed-up screen on ‘Unsealing’ and ‘Conquest Promotion’ improved:
    - 'Complete Now' button will now be on the left side of the screen.
    - A Gold icon will be added beside the 'Complete Now' text.



  1. New summons achievements:
    Achievements Summons      Conditions (Count)      Rewards
    Passion of Possessing Magic Stone      Grandeur Summon      1000/2000/3000 Epic Unidentified Magic Stone
         Passion of Possessing Spirit Treasure      Opulent Summon 1000/2000/3000      Epic Unidentified Spirit Treasure     
    Passion of Possessing Codex Gear Specter Summon 1000/2000/3000 Epic Unidentified Codex Gear
    Passion of Possessing Mystical Piece Divine Summon 1000/2000/3000 Epic Unidentified Mystical Piece



  1. A Raid Ranking system will be added:
    - Players can obtain a Raid Score after Success/Fail of the Raid and the ranking will be decided based on their Raid Score.
    - Ranking will be displayed until the top 100.
    - Ranking Rewards will be given based on the character’s ranking.
    - Rewards can be claimed once per day.
    - Ranking, Raid Score, and Rewards reset at 00:00 daily based on regional server times.
    - Rewards can’t be claimed if there is not enough space in the bag, or if receiving the rewards would exceed the amount of resources the character can have, or if the ranking is being aggregated.

    Raid Score

    - Raid Score will be given after completing the Raid successfully.
    - The character that has hit the final blow on the Boss will earn an extra Raid Score if the raid ends successfully.
    - A certain amount of Raid Score will still be given after failing Raid.



  1. Alias of all members will be displayed in Clan chat like Clan leader and Elders.
    - When a player chats in Clan chat, the name will be displayed with [Alias+Rank]
    - Alias won't be displayed if the name of Alias and Rank is the same

  2. When joining a party from Chat, players can immediately disband their previous one and join the new party.



  1. Clan War summary mail will be sent to clanmate once the war ends.
    - A Summary mail will be sent to clan members once Clan War ends.
    - The Summary mail will reveal total death tolls for both clans.

  2. ‘Kingdom’ tab added in the Mail.
    - A message will be sent to the Mail when the mandate gets issued, but not when the mandate ends.

  3. The auto-mail system regarding registration or cancellation of Unattackable Clan will be deleted.


Character Selection

  1. Server Info will be displayed in the Character Selection screen.


Logs & Information

  1. Daily defeat/defeated counts will be added in PvP Log based on 24 hours.



Bug Fixes & Adjustments

  1. Fixed an issue with the direction of character ‘Evade’ being inconsistent with player control during battle.
  2. Fixed an issue of being able to leave the clan during the Castle Siege.
  3. Fixed an issue with how the auto-attack reacted during the Clan Expedition: Infernal Abomination.
  4. Fixed an issue with the Clan Shop UI not reflecting correctly upon creating a new Clan.
  5. Fixed an issue of not being able to activate Auto-Combat/Gather while using Air Walk.
  6. Fixed an issue with abnormal monster attack range.
  7. Fixed an irregular attackable field that can attack a specific monster without getting hit.
  8. Fixed an Arbalist’s abnormally widened skill range (rarely occurred) on a specific field.
  9. Fixed a pausing issue when using auto-move to a specific location.
  10. Fixed an issue on Hidden Altar Raid which could not be proceeded further occasionally after defeating monsters.
  11. Fixed an issue with Taoists's 'Moonlight Orb' skill tooltip.
  12. Fixed the skill tooltip (Number of Hits) for Taoist’s skill ‘Rain of Blades’ (4->3, Effect has been normally applied as our initial intention).
  13. Fixed an issue with unequipped Spectrumite slot that showed a message to equip Magic Stone when touching the slot.
  14. Fixed an issue on [Clan] tab that could be opened while participating in a Raid.
  15. Fixed an unopenable reward box that was generated into an inaccessible location after defeating Beastly Nefariox.
  16. Fixed an issue that prevented players to move to Zoetrope’s Consumable tab after tapping the Move button in the pop-up screen that appears when there are not enough resources.
  17. Fixed the broken text regarding a large number of crafting materials.
  18. Fixed the delayed Power Score Increase UI after upgrading Constitution, Inner Force, and/or Solitude Training.
  19. Fixed the visual issue of the opponent's 'Evade' skill.
  20. Characters will no longer be resurrected in "Phantasia Desert" after dying in hunting grounds in the Sabuk region.
  21. Magic Stone, Mystical Piece, and Conquest levels of other players will become visible from the character info.
  22. Difficulty level of the Redmoon Mountain Request [Martial Arts Master's Training Method] has been lowered:
    - Required 'Mark of the Master' 20 → 8
  23. The required number of resources to craft Death Flower Jade Tag reduced:
    - 7 Jade/Purple Jade/Fire Jade/Metal Jade → 3
  24. New missions to obtain Legendary Blue Dragon Statues added. The Statue will also be added as additional rewards to existing missions.
  25. Characters will now arrive at random points of the target area upon moving with Jump Scroll/Fast Travel Scroll.
  26. The chance of getting Great Success in crafting Epic Permanent Snow Ginseng and Epic Azureum Oil increased.
  27. Improved the auto attack targeting Monolith although players are not in Hidden Valley Capture.
  28. Promotion conditions of [Conquest-Training Sanctum] to Lv. 16 lowered.
  29. The chance of getting 'Uncommon/Rare Forsaken Badge' by clearing Raid/Boss Raid increased.
  30. Number of Identification Scrolls obtained from different grades of Sealed Boxes adjusted.
  31. The chance of Sealed Boxes being upgraded to a higher-grade Sealed Box upon unsealing adjusted.
  32. Description of the Bloodshade Nefariox Horn mystery adjusted.
  33. Descriptions of the Wrapped Rare/Epic Darksteel Box adjusted.
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